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Smik Style Lord

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Smik Style Lord

Smik Style Lord


Style Lord 10'0" x 30" x 135L

Version 2.0 of the Style Lord 10'0 x 30" maintains characteristics of the original version, but with some small changes combining to make a considerable difference:

Refined outline curve: The curves have just been brought in and smoothed out, with the resulting effect of an easier initiation of turns. Squash tail creates drive whilst adding to stability.
Rocker is smoother/increased over its previous incarnation, it still maintains excellent glide. Stepping back, she got an aggressive cutback which is a little easier to bring it around without requiring as much torque.

Added rolled Vee in the middle and down through the tail, with a deeper double concave running through the curve and Vee combine to meld speed flow and drive through turns.

​Nose rocker and single concave makes it a nose riding delight with rails being low volume, but rounded providing response without bogging.


Style Lord 10 x 29" x 133L


Basically a skinnier version of the Style Lord 10' x 30" with a pin tail instead of the squash design.

​The resulting effect of this being a less stable, but more reactive longboard for those getting a little bit competitive in their aspirations. The tail trade-off being a little less squirt from the squash tail but smoother through the arc with the pin tail.

Capable in small powerless waves with good glide, take it out in a bit of juice and theyll be more than capable of holding a line in larger surf too.


Style Lord 10 x 32" x 165L

The Style Lord 10'0 x 32" follows the same design principals as the 10ldquo; x 29 with its pin tail; just blown up into a wider version.

A smooth longboard with extra stability for the heavier rider or those just requiring a little extra balance.