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Starboard Carve Starlite 2020

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Starboard Carve Starlite 2020

Starboard Carve 2020 Starlite

The original Gravity Control System was introduced by Starboard as a revolutionary concept and has helped propel our iSonics and Formula boards to multiple world titles.

The 2020 Carve boards adopts the same system, making your sail more vertical for better control, improving jibing performance by providing more rail pressure, providing more grip, more power and more control while carving. The center of gravity is lowered so you feel locked in, stable and ready to accelerate with every gust.

The secret to a whole new level of freeride performance: a 15 cm extended flat section in the rockerline. This gives a longer, more efficient planing surface that helps get you planing, keep planing and accelerate more with every gust.


In Detail:

Compact. The 101 length was reduced at both the nose and tail. The extended flat section on this board was fine-tuned to be slightly shorter along the sides of the board, giving the 101 a particularly slippery and fast feeling in stronger winds.

CARVE 111, 122
Again the overall lengths are reduced both in the nose and tail. Further 111 and 122 outline refinements reduces overall overall width by 1cm and widens the tail area by 1cm. Result: improved jibing reaction, boosted control and enhanced acceleration in the upper wind-range.

A total of 8cm was reduced off the new 133 E nose and tail. The new outline that is narrower overall by 1cm and 1cm wider in the tail area improves jibing reaction, boosts control and improves acceleration in the upper wind-range.

The 144E length was reduced both in the nose and tail by a total of 9cm. The outline was further refined adding 1cm width in the tail area to boost control and improve acceleration in the upper wind-range.


Lower center of gravity and drive. More grip. More Power. More Control. More Fun.

The Carve Flax Balsa construction in sizes 111, 122, 133 and 144 comes with a Ready To Foil re-inforced foil box. The box are reinforced to withstand heavier loads associated with foiling. They use thick, high-density PVC sheets and thick carbon fibre walls.

The Drake Slick footstraps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably sourced and plant-based Yulex foam. With 85% natural rubber content, COsup2; emitted during the manufacturing process is reduced by 80%. The remaining 15% of synthetic neoprene is kept to improve UV resistance.

Carefully sourced with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel.

The iSonics feature 6mm thick footpads in the tail and 4mm in the front. A combination proven to deliver a highly reactive yet comfortable feel. The diamond grooving pattern provides grip and comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear.


Available in the Starlite technology, crisp and sharp and adds the durability of a tank. It uses 0.6mm Australian pine wood with glass fibres and a Carbon-Innegra perimeter rail band to combine premium technology and a quality finish in a value package.


Model CARVE 101 CARVE 111 CARVE 122 CARVE E 133 CARVE E 144
Technologies Flax Balsa | Starlite Flax Balsa | Starlite Flax Balsa | Starlite Flax Balsa | Starlite Flax Balsa | Starlite
Volume 101 l 111 l 122 l 133 l 144 l
Length 229 cm 227 cm 227 cm 238 cm 237 cm
Width 71 cm 75 cm 80 cm 80 cm 83 cm
Tail Width 44.0 cm 48.1 cm 52 cm 51.9 cm 54.4 cm
Thickness 11.4 cm 11.3 cm 11.2 cm 12 cm 12.7 cm
Bottom Shape (Tail To Nose) Flat V to Double Concave Flat V to Double Concave Flat V to Double Concave Flat V to Double Concave Flat V to Double Concave
Footstrap Rows 2 2 2 2 2
Fins Drake Freeride Power 36 Drake Freeride Power 38 Drake Freeride Power 42 Drake Freeride Power 44 Drake Freeride Power 46
Fin Boxes Flax Balsa Tuttle Box Foil Box Foil Box Foil Box Foil Box
Fin Boxes Starlite Tuttle Box Tuttle Box Tuttle Box Tuttle Box Tuttle Box
Fin Range 32 - 40 cm 34 - 42 cm 36 - 44 cm 40 - 48 cm 42 - 50 cm
Sail Range 4.5 - 7.5 m2 5.0 - 8.0 m2 5.5 - 8.5 m2 6.0 - 9.0 m2 6.5 - 9.5 m2
Weight Flax Balsa 7.15 kg 7.75 kg 8.25 kg 8.25 kg 8.7 kg
Weight Starlite 8.8 kg 8.95 kg 9.3 kg 9.75 kg 10.3 kg