Windsurfer LT

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Windsurfer LT
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Windsurfer LT complete set up (board + rig), brand label NSP

The Windsurfer LT is the new replacement to the original Windsurfer. This aboard is wider, lighter, and higher volume than the original. It is much faster as well .

The board is ideal for One Design racing, all around cruising, and entry level use . It also carries over well to SUP use.

The Windsurfer LT keeps all of the fun of the original board but with many modern improvements like a full EVA deck, a modern daggerboard and power box fin, and light stiff construction with EPS core with fiberglass and epoxy construction.

The Windsurfer LT complete rig comes with a class standard 5.7 sail, mast, boom, uphaul, base and universal.

This board makes windsurfing easy, accessible, and fun for the whole family again! A wide stable platform for learning, minimal rocker for excellent cruising speed, and friendly technical one-design racing all in a single package!


Length 12'
Width 29"
Thickness 5.2"
Tail Width 18.6"
Volume 227L
Fin Box Power Box
Daggerboard Race
Sail Range 4.0 - 5.7m2
Weight 15kg