Kitesurfing Lessons

At NZ Boardstore we like to share our passion for watersports, so lessons are an integral part of what we do. We are Auckland’s most established kite centre and our safety approved kite school runs all year round. All instructors have the highest qualifications and years of experience teaching in NZ and overseas.

The equipment we use to teach is the latest gear from Ozone and Airush. These kites have proven themselves in the field and are by far the easiest kites to relaunch and progress on. Your boards are quality twin tips, but a little bigger than normal to help you in the first learning stages. The smiles are free! On cooler days or if you get cold easily, we can hire you wetsuits and booties for only $10/day. If you already have any gear yourself or have any special requirements, please let us know!

Please note: if you book a 7 hour course, all equipment and wetsuits are provided.

Kitesurfing can be taught in several different formats. However we run our courses on a 1:1 instructor/student ratio. Sessions usually run in 2 hour slots ($200). A standard kite-course consists of 7 hours which can be bought at a discounted rate ($599) as the whole package. However, we are flexible and can tailor all kitesurfing lessons to suit your needs and lifestyle. Previous experience with sports such as wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing and surfing can help you progress faster, although they are not essential and definitely not required for you to learn.

Our experienced instructors will also be running intermediate to advanced Kiteboarding Clinics

Unfortunately, even after years and years of instructing, we haven't learnt to control the weather and the tides. But we have learnt how to deal best with them, so we can make our lessons happen in most conditions. Just give us a call the day before to get the latest update.

Please note - Our instructors time is precious, ensure you arrive on time and we have a 24hr cancellation policy.

Make sure you are taught by someone who knows what they are talking about!

Bookings are essential.


Experience Lesson (3 hours, $275)

•             Wind awareness.

•             Training kite flying skills (till you can fly like Luke Skywalker).

•             How to setup and use the safety systems on a kitesurfing kite.

•             Launching and landing your kite.

•             Body dragging upwind and downwind.

•             Relaunching your kite


Water Control (2 hours, $200)

•             Launching and landing your kite.

•             Body dragging upwind and downwind.

•             Relaunching your kite

•             Upwind body dragging with the board

•             What to do in an emergency, how to pack down the kite on the water.

•             Self rescue


Board Control (2 hours, $200)

•             Upwind body dragging with the board

•             How to get the board on your feet

•             Water starts

•             Downwind stability with the board on your feet

•             How to ride both directions, maybe even upwind, and most importantly how to stop!


What you learn on the individual lessons is just indicative - it always depends on the condition and your personal learning speed.


Progression Sessions ($150.- for entire session)

We will be teaching everything from first jumps to unhooked wakestyle and surfboard riding, if you can stay upwind then you are ready for one of our clinics. So if you are struggling with your first jumps and tricks or you have reached a plateau with your riding then you should get involved.  We will also provide our kite and board demo fleets free of charge although you must bring your own gear.

Spots will include: Orewa, Cheltenham, Meola Reef , Tamaki Spit, Muriwai, St Heliers and Shoal Bay


We also rent kiteboards on hourly, daily or weekly bases, please enquire in the shop.