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Starboard Go Windsurfer 2023

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Starboard Go Windsurfer 2023



Often a great choice for a family with a range of riders or conditions, the integrated daggerboard ensures more confident windward performance, enabling better upwind angles and less drift in lighter conditions, but smoothly folding away to allow for a faster, more responsive ride as soon as planing conditions (or rider experience) are suitable. Explore the coastline in lighter wind conditions using the daggerboard, or enjoy the thrill of carve jibing a responsive board with daggerboard retracted neatly inside the body of the GO Windsurfer. The 165 size is the ideal entry-level and intermediate board for smaller riders, featuring an elongated shape for excellent traction and glide before planing. The GO Windsurfer 175 and 185 are best sellers for first time windsurfers, delivering exciting versatility from light to windy planing conditions. The 2023 shapes are all new and feature a more lively, responsive ride and intuitive jibe. Wider nose, long cutaways, optimized profile and efficient rocker line all improve your ride thanks to more glide, stability, traction and ease of planing.

STARLITE Construction

Crisp and Sharp

The GO 2022 are available exclusively in the new Starlite construction, a significant step up from the standard construction typically used in this price category: lighter weight, stiffer, tougher against impacts and with a crisper, more high-performance feel on the water. It uses a combination of 0.6mm Australian pine wood and glass fibres to combine premium technology with a quality finish in a value package.
Technologies Starlite Starlite Starlite
Volume 165 L 175 L 185 L
Length 258 cm 258 cm 265 cm
Width 78 cm 84 cm 87 cm
Tail Width 51 cm 54.5 cm 55.6 cm
Thickness 14.6 cm 14.6 cm 14.7 cm
Flat Vee to Double Concave Flat Vee to Double Concave Flat Vee to Double Concave Flat Vee to Double Concave
Footstrap Rows 3 3 3
Rear Fins Drake Freeride Power 44 + Daggerboard 57 Drake Freeride Power 48 + Daggerboard 57 Drake Freeride Power 48 + Daggerboard 57
Fin Boxes Tuttle + Clipper Box Tuttle + Clipper Box Tuttle + Clipper Box
Center Fin Box ClipperBox ClipperBox ClipperBox
Rear Fin Range 42-46 cm 44-48 cm 46-50cm
Sail Range 4.0 - 9.0 m2 4.5 - 9.5 m2 5.0 - 10.0 m2
Weight 12.7 kg 13.2 kg 13.8 kg