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Tao 4m Soft Handle wing

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Tao 4m Soft Handle wing


Wave, Freeride, Freestyle, Big Air

SKILLS Beginner - Professional
SIZES 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.2 / 6.2 / 7.0

Feel the joy of riding a lighter, faster, and more balanced surf wing with ultimate maneuverability. Our streamlined construction approach with contemporary aesthetics features the highest usability. Against the tone and pace of today’s world, with a focus on flowing freely through wind and waters.

The TAO is perfectly aligned with your body!


DLX+ Material

Forward-Swept Outline

The swept-forward wing design improves maneuverability by facilitating control and increasing agility. It supports reactivity and improves roll and lateral stability. The more forward mass and lightweight wingtips increase acceleration and playfulness and improve top-end control.


Verstärkte Konstruktion

TAO SH Non-Slip Handles

The curved strut allows for an ergonomic hold of the handles to position the wrist neutrally to the arm. The non-slip handles have deep ribs and are oval-shaped, providing a comfortable, secure grip. Preventing the wing from slipping out of the user’s hands improves control and enables precise steering. Both features help reduce fatigue, which increases water time, allowing users to enjoy extended sessions without discomfort.


Range of use TAO Soft Handles

The TAO SH’s exceptionally free-fly performance gives every surfer access to carve their best turns. Freeriders can always rely on its forgivingness, it lies firmly and calmly in gusty conditions in their hands. The TAO SH is better suited for beginners or safety-conscious riders.


From big wave wingers to river wave cruisers, we’ve pushed every area to make the handling intuitive and playful. Pull tight, radical turns, or let the TAO float freely behind you, experiencing ease and ultimate freedom. Become one with the TAO.


Have you always wished you could glide over the water for hours without thinking? Let the dynamics of a high-performance product guide you with ease. Convince yourself of the ergonomic, lightweight construction, which enriches your wing experience with comfort and user-friendliness from the first touch. Enjoy smooth running and cover an extensive wind range with just one size. Trust in the quality and safety of a unique design concept.